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Frequently Asked Questions:

 1.      Is AMARTOS natural?

We’ve listed all ingredients on our labels and/or leaflets.  Products that are 100% natural include:

  • All-Natural Mangosteen Handmade Body Soap*
  • All-Natural Pueraria Handmade Body Soap*
  • All-Natural Coconut Handmade Body Soap*
  • Royal Thai Silk Powder
  • Spotless Herbal Powder for Clear& Smooth Face
  • Oriental Calm Bath Salt**
  • Pick-Me-Up Foot Bath
  • All Essential Oil Blends
  • Princess Neroli Facial Elixir
  • Forever Young Facial Rejuvenating fluid
  • Spotless Aromatic Facial Concentrate
  • All Herbal Body Oils
  • Vivify Foot Oil
  • All Essential Oil Blends

All AMARTOS products are free from Paraben and other petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and synthetic color.

* Contains Sodium Hydroxide which comes from the electrolysis of brine (or salt water).

** Contains Magnesium Sulfates which are common minerals in geological environments.

2.     Does AMARTOS use preservatives?

Non-Paraben preservatives are used in:

  • Amartos Natural Mild Shampoo
  • Amartos Healthy Sheen Conditioner
  • Amartos Aromatic Shower Gel
  • Enchanted Gentle Facial Cleansing Lotion
  • Magnifique Facial Moisturizer
  • Amartos Lavish Body Lotion
  • Amazing Aloe Multi-purpose Body Gel

3.      What are the benefits of ‘handmade’ products as opposed to those produced with the latest technology?

AMARTOS aims to maximize the living energy in our products. We minimize their exposure to electromagnetic radiation by mixing and making all our 100% natural products only by hands.

It is also believed that any products made by hands out of carefully selected ingredients through attention and good production process can pass on this positive energy to users. Lastly, this process results in a much less damage to the environment as a major part of the resources come from human beings, physically and mentally.

4. Why do most of AMARTOS natural products have shorter shelf life as compared to other brands?

We do not add any harmful synthetic preservatives in any of our natural products thanks to the antiseptic properties of essential oils. (Chemical preservatives are generally used to extend the shelf life as they are cheaper alternatives.) Therefore, our products come in sizes suitable for use best within two months after they are opened.

5. What is/are unique about ‘Traditional Thai Herbal Therapy’?

• Holistic healing approach – based on the belief that factors contributing to good health include physical body, mind, society, and environment.
• The therapy therefore focuses on bringing back balance in the physical body and mind, living in harmony with nature, non-violence to ourselves, others, and to the world.
• Main core beliefs: Human beings are part of nature, hence nature can help bring back balance and health. Everything that is used in the therapy should only be natural i.e. materials from Earth and Water elements, and energy from Wind and Fire elements, as well as from the universe. In addition, the obtainment should not cause any damage to the nature.

6. Why does AMARTOS use aluminum bottles for herbal body oils?

Benefits of aluminum bottles (with Epoxy coating which is known for excellent chemical and heat resistance) include:
• Protection of products which contain pure essential oils from degradation by light,
• Lightweight, strength, and recyclability.

7. Can AMARTOS body oil be absorbed quickly if used as a natural moisturizer?

Our herbal body oils are mixture of natural plant base oils and pure essential oils. Various natural plant base oils are known to effectively moisturize and rejuvenate skin. Skin can absorb these natural oils well especially when it’s damp. In addition, dry skin in general can absorb natural oils better than oily or normal skin.

8. Where can I buy AMARTOS products?

• Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort, Phuket
• Sukko Spa @ Avista Phuket Resort & Spa at Kata Beach, Phuket
• Araya Spa @ Courtyard by Marriott Phuket at Kamala Beach, Phuket
• Araya Spa @ Courtyard by Marriott Hua Hin at Cha-am Beach, Phetchaburi
• Online purchase here or at (Vitalogue, Germany)

9. Can I use ENCHANTED Gentle Facial Cleansing Lotion to remove eye-makeup?

ENCHANTED Gentle Facial Cleansing Lotion is suitable for use as an eye-makeup remover for individuals who are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Avoid contact with eyes as this product contains pure essential oils.

10. Would FOREVER YOUNG Facial Rejuvenating Fluid clog my pores?

Pores are the openings of sebaceous gland ducts on surface of the skin. Clogged pores happen when sebaceous gland ducts are blocked by accumulated sebum (oily secretion from sebaceous glands) and/or dead epithelial cells lie on the inner wall of the ducts.

If you have been using any product containing mineral oil which can’t be absorbed through the skin, your pores are most likely be coated by it. This condition inhibits the normal secretion of sebum and initiates clogged pores. Skin appearances if pores are clogged: whitehead, blackhead, acne or pimples.

All ingredients in FOREVER Young Facial Rejuvenating Fluid are natural and can be absorbed through the skin completely. No mineral oils are added. Even though this product does not clog pores, if the pores are already clogged, any product can make the symptoms worse.

11. Can AMARTOS products be used on children or pregnant women?

AMARTOS products for body have essential oil content of no more than 3%, while our facial products contain no more than 1% of essential oils.

Many researches have been done on possible harmful effects of some essential oils on pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding. The use of any product containing essential oil should depend on individual discretion and/or physician’s advice.

It may be helpful for parents to know about properties of essential oils before using any of product containing them on their children. Besides, it is advisable to consider any possible allergic reactions from any of the ingredients.