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After injuring my neck a few years I tried pretty much every treatment available to soothe fairly persistent discomfort without much success. So I was truly surprised and grateful to find Sabai. I had no idea something so natural could be quite so penetrating and effective. Within moments of its first application I experiencing real relief. I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Joe Smith, UK

" Sabai is a beautiful wholesome remedy which uses natural ingredients for our body care - this is quite important to me! You can feel the healing effects straight away from the intense heat the oil produces when applied to the skin and as it penetrates through the deeper tissues".

Marina Boni, Pharmacist/ Yoga Practitioner & Teacher, Perth, Australia

"Great collection -- great variety, the oils are quite potent -- this is a great value for your money especially - I only hope they come out with another collection with different samples.These essential oils are exactly what I was looking for. They are pure, and I am enjoying using them for some major stress and muscle relief."

Gaurav Sharma, Director - Maxprodata, Bangkok/New Delhi, Thailand & India

I love all different kinds of amartos scented oil. I truly feel that it is specially blended from the first time I used it. Love its smooth texture and my skin drinks it up so quickly. No sticky feeling, no mess afterwards. Perfect for hot summer days. I normally use it to rub and massage after a shower and the smell is truly divine. It makes you feel like you have just entered a five star spa in Asia The Sabai oil is strongly brewed. If you love tiger balm like me, go for it. I like to sniff it when I got car-sick or headache. Oh, I have never had any allergic reactions to any of amartos' products. Can't wait till they become available in the US.

Mama McGinnis, Brookln, NY

"Amartos have a number of great products too soothe your body and soul. I have been working in the alternative health industry for over 20 years and can only speak highly of the quality and care taken with these products. Inparticular I love the range of body oils for different circumstances and conditions, my favourite bieng the Sabai herbal oil for sore muscles."

Matthew Sweeney, Yoga Teacher (20 years), Byron Bay Australia

I was given Sabai Herbal Oil by a yoga teacher. I was experiencing severe pain and tension in my sacrum. Not only was I unable to do my yoga practise, I was also limited in my everyday routine. I massaged the Sabai Herbal Oil deeply into my sacrum and surrounding muscles twice a day for about ten days. I enjoyed the instant heat and aroma from the oil. I felt a decrease in tension in the first day, followed by consistent relief from pain over the next five after which I was practising yoga again. After ten days I was free from pain. I will continue to use and would recommend Sabai Herbal Oil to anyone.

Benjamin Gentle, Automotive operative, Suffolk England

I love this collection, in particular, Sabai.  It is a fantastic blend of soothing ingredients.  I injured my lower back early in the year and am still stiff and achy.  I use Sabai in the evening all around the affected area and experienced relief.  It is a great product!

Bobbi Boston, Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles

Sasha gave us a bottle of Sabai Herbal Oil a couple of months ago.  Marco used it for the muscle pain in his shoulders after practicing backbends.   After using Sabai a few times, his pain is gone.

For me, my legs normally get tired after I teach and walk for 90 mins.   I apply a little of Sabai on my legs and massage for a few minutes.  It feels nice and warm on my legs as the oil is absorbed quickly.  Plus, the smell of this oil makes me feel so relaxed and I even like to use it for inhalation to clear my nose.

We would like to recommend this oil for daily use.  It's not just for pain but also for relaxation!

Marco & Amorn, Madrid, Spain 

Sabai is the most amazing herbal remedy I've ever used.  It does wonder every time I apply it on to a sprain, bruise, or any type of muscle injuries.  It's better than any of the Chinese herbal oils that I've tried!

Amy Cheung, Fashion Designer/Yoga Teacher, NYC, USA

Thank you so much for introducing me to the wonderful products of Amartos.  When I was pregnant with my son I became aware of some chemicals the cosmetic industry put in our products.  They are toxic and may have negative effects on me and my son both during pregnancy and breast feeding.  I have since then been searching for a line of products which are pure and natural and which performs just as well as the more expensive brands in the shops . I have tried all kinds of brands during the past two years but not quite found any that was right for me.  And then came Amartos...

The Botanical mild shampoo and conditioner keep my hair super shiny and soft.  Their scent also leaves me in a state of bliss and calm.  People keep asking me what I am using since I smell so good.

I have very sensitive skin and have not been using any soap or shower gel for many years, but the Aromatic shower gel has not caused any irritation and now I use it every day and look forward to every shower.

I do love the way the body oils and the Lavish body lotion quickly abrsorb into the skin, leaving it silky smooth without being sticky.   This is important for me as a yoga practitioner.

Also the products have helped me with my son's atopic skin condition.   He was struggling with a bad rash on his hands the whole winter.  He kept scratching, which made it worse every night.  I had tried my things but nothing worked.  But then after I first put a bit of Amazing Aloe, he stopped scratching that night.  And the rash was completely gone after three days.  Truly amazing!!!

What more can I say, I am truly hooked on Amartos products and do not think I ever will stop using them.  Only hope for more to be developed in this fantastic line of products. 

Again, thank you Sasha and your team in Amartos.

Kim Cecilie Djupvik, Realestate developer, Interior designer, Oslo Norway